Worship Team

There are many that help lead us in worship on Sunday mornings to praise the Lord. Below are the faces of those that have decided to use their talents that God has given them to help us praise the Lord.

Psalm 95:1

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;
    let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

  • Terry Swisher

    Terry is our Senior Worship leader and has been a part of Southgate for many years. He has lead worship, been the Youth Minister, and is currently a deacon.

  • Aaron Duemmel

    Aaron is one of two up and coming Worship Leaders at Southgate. He has been a Volunteer Youth Minister, and has led both or former Contemporary Service and Traditional services.

  • Gabe Mauller

    Gabe is the other up and coming Worship Leader at Southgate. Currently Gabe and his wife Larissa are the Directors of Youth and Family at Southgate.

  • Molly Bates

    Molly is one of of our three talented women that have decided to help with the Worship Team. Molly has been a part of our Contemporary Service, Traditional Service and also helps with our Thursday School Program.

  • Kimberly Burghy

    Kimberly is another one of the three talented ladies at Southgate that has decided to use the gift God has given her to help with the Worship Team. Along with her daughter Mirella, Kimberly helps lead Jr. Worship with the kids singing on Sunday mornings.

  • Mirella Burghy

    Mirella is our third lady that has decided to use the talent God has given her to help with the Worship Team. As mentioned before, she has help her mother Kimberly lead Jr. Worship on Sunday mornings.