Thursday school

What is thursday school?

Thursday School is a Christian-based one-day a week preschool. There are four age-determined classes of approximately 12 students taught by at least 2 teachers each. There are also specials times for crafts, music and play. Our all-volunteer staff are primarily made up of members of the Southgate Church of Christ and have all had their backgrounds checked. We also have a safety/security policy in place.


Children aged 3 years

(potty-trained) through pre-kindergarten age.


Our purpose is to give children a safe group experience to learn about Christ and academic basics as well as doing various activities (in the classroom and beyond) all while in a structured setting.


Most Thursdays September through May from 9:30am-12:30pm. Thursday school begins the first Thursday after Labor Day.

Where? and Price?

Southgate Church of Christ

1075 S 30th St. Heath, OH 43056

The cost is $80 for the year which is due at the beginning of the school year.